1. Of or relating to that which is known by a restricted number of people.

2. Delicious
Lois: It's geat they picked your theme, but isn't it a little esoteric?
Peter: Esoteric?
In Peter's Brain
Guy1: Could it mean sexy?
Guy2: I think it's a science term.
Guy3: Fellas, fellas! Esoteric means delicious!
back to the real world
Peter: Lois, Who's the Boss is not a food.
Brian: Swing and a miss.
- Family Guy 14/13
by Randy Newman December 20, 2004
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1)understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite.
2)belonging to the select few.
3)private; secret;confidential.
TRISHA: and the winning theme is 'That Episode of Whos the Boss Where Tony Sees Rachael Naked in the Shower.
PETER: YES! That's mine! un-freakin-believable!
LOIS: Peter, isn't that somewhat esoteric?
PETER: Lois, Whos the Boss isn't a food.
by Ed August 5, 2004
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A grand statement in a meeting that alienates your managers and peers leaving everyone in a state of awkward disbelief and silience.
His esoteric statment caused such and uncomfortable vibe in the room that the meeting could not contiinue.
by traderboy January 18, 2011
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When something becomes too intellectual to be fun anymore
The process of creating this post became so esoteric that I nearly gave up on it.
by Oilrag September 29, 2009
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Politically correct word for Satanism.

This how how Satanism has stayed hidden throughout all history.
Fuck political correcteness.They're SATANISTS!!!!!!
by burn in hell you losers February 23, 2005
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closet homosexuals plotting against the common man


Hell Hell Hell


by fire up the furnace! March 24, 2005
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Understood by or meant for only a select few.
The band Chameleon Circuit was esoteric to Dr Who fans.
by DeathonaCone November 24, 2012
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