"So you sprayed face?" "Yep mate she didnt want to swallow so I went bloot."

"My girlfriend took my cock out of her mouth just as I was coming and I blooted her.
by Mack P Silk September 26, 2005
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to suck ones own cock until ejaculation
he likes to bloot when he is alone
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
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The confirmation of what has been previously said.
you: So, the Eagles suck again this year?

me: bloot
by gggmoney March 5, 2009
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(bluːt) - interjection - A good deal for a consumer/purchaser of a product.
That computer you got at the mall was such a bloot.
by Adamba November 5, 2010
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A colour cross between blue and soot black. The colour your hair turns out when the black dye doesn't take. It is also a style and way of life. This way is exemplified in Noel Fielding.
"We were talking one night and we decided that Bloot was a great word to describe Noel"
by ThatgirlfromNH December 24, 2011
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(Noun) A brother who is the corniest of the trio and is usually in the middle. Occupation Jigglet.
Are you always such a bloot? or do you just play one?
by Batzy Boy June 13, 2010
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