....Uterus wants baby.
Person doesn't have baby.
Uterus wants revenge
I'm having my period, you know, the thing that makes babies before making babies.
by falloutnaluatthetardis March 08, 2015
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Suzy is on her period.
Her boyfriend bought her chocolate, she the whole bag without saying a thanks. Her friends run from her, scared she will snap. Her glare says it all, and the stain on pants proves it. Suzy’s uterus isn’t happy, it wants a child. But Suzy’s uterus doesn’t know that at 14 if she got pregnant that would ultimately ruin her life. She would be working 2 jobs to feed her kid after her parents kicked her out , she lives in a dirty apartment, and is addicted to drugs for her sorrows drown her.

Don’t give in to the uterus kids.
Stay strong
Stay in school.
by Mexican Taco Girl April 11, 2018
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The feeling of a samurai sword cutting into lower abdomen and twisting around into lower spine, constipation and stones smashing brain. Craving chocolate and blankets, due to fever and hormonal imbalances.
"What's wrong Priscilla?"
by myp4ntsrt1ght January 07, 2013
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Hell designed specifically for women to give them pain and punishment. Something that seems exciting when your 12 but when you actually get it you hate it.
Hannah was moaning in pain so Allie said whats wrong hannah" and Hannah said 'I got my period"
by Emma_The_Sexy_Bitch March 07, 2013
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1: a specified amount of time
2: a window of time that a woman experiences agony in their unchartered territory and can last long, usually noticed by blood stains because the vagina is leaking blood

3: ... a dot terminating the sentence
1: there's only a period of time before some strange thing happens
2: Why is there blood coming out of me? i did not cout myself... oh shit... my period... ... ... ...AUGHHHH!!!
by your best idiot April 14, 2010
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My best excuse to getting out of Phys Ed.....
Me:Hey Mr.P.E. teacher,can i use the bathroom?

Mr.P.E. teacher:No,now go run your mile

Me:Im on my period Mr.P.E. teacher

Mr.P.E. teacher: Fine go ahead

Me:*skips to the bathroom* lalalalalalalaaa~

((one of the very very very few things i love about myself is that my personality doesn't change at all when i get my period))
by BunnysXoXo August 04, 2011
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