A rapper that no one knows about

But hes pretty cool go check him out
Bro have you heard "122"s music
No but have you heard of =c
by "122" November 1, 2019
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When starting with urination and then crapping. After you stand up you poop again, all over the place.
Friend 1: Holy crap what happened to your bathroom?
Friend 2: 122
Friend 1: oh sh*t, literally.
by The 122'R January 6, 2011
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if someone hates on waluigi, you may slap them.
guy: i hate waluigi
girl: *smack*
guy: what the fuck?!
girl: rule 122
by Bunneo April 2, 2018
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Studio 122 is the name of a group of really bad park skiers
That is group is studio 122
by Jew1015 March 7, 2017
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P.S.122 is a great school with great students and great teachers. All students are nice and polite to not only each other but also the adults in the large building. No swearing has ever been spoken which is rare for a middle school. It’s a great school that has been known for its high intelligence and high acceptance rate to specialized schools.
P.S.122 is the greatest school
by THEBESTMUSIC April 29, 2019
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ERROR 122-(identification_fields_did_not_match_our_records)
ERROR 122-(identification_fields_did_not_match_our_records)
by bored kid who is wasting time November 29, 2022
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