A word you can say, as opposed to "okay" or "cool"; A conformation word.
Girl 1: Hey can you help me out?

Girl 2: Sure I can!

Girl 1: Alright, good deal.
by gooddealll August 27, 2009
1.) good deal means awesome, cool, etc.
2.) good deal = drop it, when somebody is talking about something and you don't really care just say, "good deal, good deal" over and over again until they shut the fuck up.
1.) oh man that is a good fucking deal hell yeah!

2.) Hey man I have some great news about the.... "Good Deal" (Drop it)
by CP November 19, 2004
Used by submariners as a way of describing death and server injury as a means to not come back to the sub.
"Hey, did you hear that ETR2 Davis killed himself?"
"Lucky fucker got that good deal"
by Nocturna April 5, 2021
getting even with someone who has down you wrong, screwing over an establishment or management.
Ronnie: What happened with that girl who cheated on you?

Stefan: I told her parents she gave me the clap.

Ronnie: That's the Good Deal.
by impostirevil January 19, 2010
1) When things gracefully fall into place.
Johnny: Did you see that skeezy ho last night at the party?

Billy: Ya dude, that bitch let me shit on her chest!

Johnny: That's the good deal.
by green duck butter November 22, 2016