5 definitions by Mack P Silk

Having a blob of semen striking ones face. Or the art of shooting a wad of man juice into someones face.
Man this chick was giving me head and I pulled it out and 'splunked' her.

Man poor bitch got splunked.
by Mack P Silk September 26, 2005
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When a mans foreskin is welded to his helmet due to inadequate hygiene
Ben Cousins has the judd due to chronic masterbation and an allergy to soap.
by Mack P Silk September 19, 2007
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When a man has anal sex with himself he forms a Candado Chino, in spanish a chinese lock.

Logisticaly it is not easy to accomplish, common belief is that the flaccid penis is tucked between the legs and fed into the anus then stimulated into an erection.

- Mate that dude did the Candado Chino.

- What? You mean he fucked his own arse? Gnarly...
by Mack P Silk September 17, 2007
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To get wasted drunk beyond belief, to the point wher one is sitting naked on a public bus with ones pants around ones ankles and ones own belt around ones own neck.
'Dude you were pretty wasted when you left that party, but you were still with a chick How did it go in the end?'

'I can't remember. I was beltnecked'
by Mack P Silk September 27, 2005
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"So you sprayed face?" "Yep mate she didnt want to swallow so I went bloot."

"My girlfriend took my cock out of her mouth just as I was coming and I blooted her.
by Mack P Silk September 26, 2005
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