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the act of pretending to be a blogger while you're a mere time-waster with too much crappy stuff on your head that none of your friends wants to hear about.
Should not be confused with blogging which is the actual action of keeping a blog.

-Hey, what's up? Blogging again?
-Nah, not really..bloggering actually..I called you last night to tell you about my new theory of everything, cause I had such a "blast" of inspiration and blah blah blah..and you didn't pick it up, so I had to "relieve" myself somewhere, u know.
- ......(telephone signal)
by VickyB February 05, 2009
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Someone who talks a load of shit. It takes an hour to tell you a 30 second story!!! Friends generally nod off during the bloggering, could be in a pub, cafe, on a funfair, nowhere is safe!
He was bloggering for 45 minutes to tell me about his 5 minute car journey
by Elagne Shar April 09, 2010
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