in it most simplistic variant its a single persons journal posted to a website. however the range all the way to corporate sites about new products to several people writing news to many people writing many things.,, my weblog entry for the day was about how blog has sprung up in use with online journals because people were getting them confused with server logs.
by bigposerhead February 8, 2005
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A web server commonly used to host Java enterprise applications. It works just good enough that it is not cast aside, but not poor enough that someone has been convinced to write a better tool. Frequently, unexpected errors will surface without justification, and can be solved by restarting the server.
User 1: Why doesn't this damned thing work!?!
User 2: Have you tried restarting the weblogic server?
User 1: ...DAMMIT! Now it works!
by Disgruntled User September 14, 2007
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leaving an extra long comment on someone's myspace page.
Hey Karen, sorry about the weblogment I left on your page last night.
by New Hotness January 7, 2008
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