epic word. can be used for anything.
man 1: i have 10 kids in my basement.
man2: wow!! such poggers!!
by trjyujfhsknvoarnwUOfnsofG October 9, 2020
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A twitch emote typically used to express enthusiasm, enthrawlment or other sophisticated emotions of happiness and dopamine.
BOB: I just got a win and killed the epixest of gamer -ninja- lol im gud kid.
DOM: Kid thats pretty pogger.
CHAT: :poggers: :poggers: :poggers: :poggers: :poggers: :poggers: :poggers: :poggers: :poggers: :poggers: :poggers: :poggers: :pogger: :pogger: :pogger: :pogger: :pogger: :pogger: :pogger: :pogger: :pogger: :pogger: :pogger: v:pogger: :pogger: :pogger:
by hi lol was taken March 9, 2020
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a word to describe excitement, joy, or to hype
usually used in really cool situations
friend: I just fucking punted a 3 year old child into a dumpster

me: poggers
by marchichi January 16, 2021
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A word to describe something as good

Similar words

The Eboys greenscreen video was poggers.
by UncleBarry May 12, 2020
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something Pedro Pascal keeps saying on Twitter but no one knows what it means
*awesome star wars artwork*
pedro: “it’s pretty poggers.”
by alyhernand November 29, 2020
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the act of pogging; said when something exciting or cool happens

poggers used to be an actually good twitch emote (it's decent now) until twitch changed it.
the original emote looked a bit like:
















Person 1: "Yooo! I officially beat Minecraft for the 100th time!

Person 2: "Such dedication.. That is very poggers.
by mfpoggerz February 26, 2021
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something/someone that you find absolutely amazing
Lukey: I'm useless..

Me: "you may not think you are poggers but you are to me"
by kovenu January 8, 2021
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