Possibly the most intelligent man gracing the television today, Steven Colbert has a large audience of disgruntled, politically aware 13-30 year olds who tend to become fanatical when they finally become an audience member of Colbert's live-filmed talk show. Colbert's tongue-in-cheek approach to comedy is highly effective, in part due to the outrageous character he has made himself into. Colbert's character is actually a caricture of America's conservative, republican population, whose backwards thinking and ridiculously contrary attitude is easy to mock. Steven Colbert has become somewhat of a modest celebrity thanks to his political commentary, appearing in an issue of GQ and booking notorious political, literary and artistic celebrities himself.
"Hey, have you heard about Steven Colbert?"

"Pfft, who hasn't, he's only the most intelligent man gracing television today."
by Katrina Ate Karl Rove August 25, 2007
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A hero who has a show, "the colbert report" on comedy central. Steven is the man because he talks shit about president bush
by steve c the man September 18, 2006
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Absolutely nothing. How absolute morons spell "Stephen Colbert" when taking the time to write out an definition for the guy on this website without bothering to check for one second to see if they got the name right. (See also: "Jon Stuart")
"lols i luv steven colbert he is so funny!!!!"
"Get cancer."
by will farell lol August 29, 2007
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The process in which you waterboard Steven Colbert and rub hot oil all over his body in his suspenders.
I Steven Colberted Steven Colbert
by The Real Colbert Report February 5, 2010
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Extremely good-looking and well-dressed talk-show host with a knack for always being right. He's a pro-republican and self-proclaimed African American. a.k.a.'s: "the man", "Mr. America", and soon-to-be "Mr. President".
Cory: hey nick, let's watch the the Colbert Report.

Nick: sure. let's watch the Daily Show with Jon Stuart until then.

Cory: who's Jon Stuart?

Nick: that Jewish democrat guy.

Cory: oh.... well, is he as handsome or as funny as Steven Colbert?

Nick: no.

Cory: alright.
by Cory Lowery June 5, 2007
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