Small and often insignificant, inane, banal, unecessary details or comments or just general stuff that get in the way getting to the point and getting things done.
I just wanted to hear how the date went but she went on with this minutia about the arch of his eyebrows. As if I care.
by k March 5, 2004
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precise details; small or trifling matters

small and often unimportant details
the minutiae of his craft.

There must be some sort of award for avoiding minutiae

by Jonty R September 27, 2007
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All of those little things - errands, forms, notes, crap - that seem to totally eat up your day. None of it is exciting and you can't quite believe that at the end of the day, you've nothing to show for it.
"What did you do today, honey?"
"The bank, the carwash, the drycleaners, the drugstore, then back to the bank. It's so boring, I can't talk about it because I get depressed. It's the minutiae that ate my life."
by getaclue2007 April 9, 2010
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Oh look, Minutiae Zomorodi is on Radiolab again. Let’s kill ourselves.
by whooer's your daddy February 1, 2023
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