1.) nasty diarrhea. like, really really runny, sloppy, coat-the-toilet diarrhea. gross.

2.) a pancake-like food item similar to a crepe, but that includes yeast as a main ingredient.
ooooh man, i totally just blintzed all up in your toilet.

i had such nasty blintz after eating all that KFC last night. ugh...

the dining hall is serving cheese blintzes tomorrow morning with breakfast. yum.
by blintzymcgee March 6, 2009
A inebriated or drugged state, typically under the influence of alcohol.
Damn dude, you were blintzed last night; that's why you don't combine booze, X and robo.
by Soul of Z July 5, 2009
When you mean to Dutch oven someone, but you end up pooping instead
I thought the triple butter on the popcorn at the movie was a good idea, until my attempted Dutch Oven on my wife turned into a Dutch Blintz.
by Nerdgorilla723 November 24, 2017
This art was crafted by Rob Zombie. It is when a man shows his supieriority in the bedroom by poking out the eye ball of the less important often disposable ho and then proceeding to urinate and ejaculate inside the skull. This illegal in many countries excluding Mexico, Thailand and of course the place where it was invented, KHAZKISATN
When i got with that ho i begian blintzed her ass.

Caution: this art can lead to exceptional brain damage
by thomas smithers June 25, 2006
Two men are involved. One man excretes a shit log, immediately thereafter the two men ejaculate upon the stool, covering it completely. Then, each begins to consume the steamy stool from either side, chewing until they meet in the middle with a messy kiss.
I blintzed this dude at Scott's appartment the other night, it was totally fucked up.
by Fred Werfner July 2, 2004
Kinky sex position wrapping your penis up in a blintz and serving with sugar and syrup for the best blow job of your life.
After Suzie gave my that terrific blow job blintz, we haven't spoken to each other very much
by Faggalicious 2 January 14, 2011