Being inbetween really really baked and being so pwned that you pass out, basicly with just enough consciousness to waddle around like a penguin on crack blurting out random words which have little to no meaning and certainly no relation to the imediate space around him/her. This would be the affect of some one either smoking a five hundred pound spliff or, more realisticly, a fuck load of weed.
"Man did you see that kid at Steveston park the other night? I meen, he was totally fucked up! I think he needs to get help.. "
by cheeched4life September 28, 2006
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Someone who can’t do anything right, has no concept of right/wrong, no morals or ethics, uses manipulates takes advantage of & lies to everyone, including themselves, sees no wrong in their selfish actions, will suck the life out of everyone they come in contact with & bring them down & ruin their life, lacks a sense of consciousness of the moral goodness or blameworthiness of one's own conduct, intentions, or character, has no feeling of obligation to do right or do good & zero integrity
Judy Hanley is complete total fuck-up!! She is toxic & could use some enlightenment & long hard look in the mirror & accept responsibility for her own life.
by HelpfulHannah April 2, 2021
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