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1) The REAL, most dangerous gang in the United States. Will do anything to get anything, regardless if they're unsure if they really even want it, so long as they anticipate some sort of prestigious accolade, or better yet, money, as a result.


2) Magicians. Take exceedingly increasing amounts of money from citizens annually and not only make it disappear, but manage to create black holes and fluctuations in the entire space-time continuum with it (see national debt clock).
The politicians came to these projects about 4 years back. all of the other gangs quickly left. remaining residents immediately became too poor to eat and died.

- come all of that money is literally nowhere?
by cyanide_nights July 04, 2011
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(a) A well dressed, well spoken criminal, who deceives the general gullible public, through a web of utter lies or half/distorted truths, mostly for personal gain.
(b) A person who pretends to be your best friend come election time, but is never there when you need them the rest of the time.
(c) Is never, EVER honest about anything, except when it is convenient for them.
(d) A bubonic plague that has infected the entire world.
(e) A mistake in civilization that people are too lazy to correct.
(f) Lower than dog turd in the social order of intelligent people.
by marshmallow kinda fellow March 24, 2009
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politicians are to truth what Mtv is to music
that bears repeating:

"politicians are to truth what Mtv is to music" -me
by it's a lie February 26, 2005
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1. A person who practices politics.

"Politics" is derived from the words "poly" meaning "many", and "tics" meaning "blood-sucking parasites."

2. One who was perfected the art of lying.

3. A highly paid yes-man.
George W. Bush promised a man mission to Mars, of course we should believe him!
by Gnuoyh October 24, 2004
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People that should never, ever be trusted under any circumstances.
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
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A lying, piece-of-shit corporate fuckwad who lies out their ass to get elected telling you how much they care for you, and then once their sorry-ass gets in office, they lie, cheat, steal and fuck the whole system up in order to keep the power.
Just look at any goddamn politician.
by Steve February 16, 2005
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