20 definitions by Philip George

A compliment to someone who looks unbelievably sexy, hot, beautiful, hott, or gorgous. Usually used for girls and gay males.
Dizzam girl! You look sexytastic!
by Philip George October 31, 2005
Another way of saying fershizzle and shiznit.
Does not really need to be used at any point in time.
Can also be used as a way of saying oh noes.
"Oh fershiznit, I think I left the roast in the oven!"
by Philip George September 10, 2005
The application that many private schools use so their parents can know the students grades before their report cards.
Omfg, I flipping hate PowerSchool -_-.
by Philip George October 1, 2005
A cool kind of watch made by Fossil. Usually has a blue screen, hence the name Fossil Blue.
Dude, I just got a Fossil Blue for my graduation! Wait, wtf?
by Philip George September 19, 2005
A form of flirting that desperate shy faggots use because they can't handle talking to a girl in person
Hey Javon, stop e-macking on AIM and get off my computer.
by Philip George September 9, 2005
A French Slang word for money
Pronounced Ee-fee-ia-r-em
"I need my efierm man."
by Philip George May 15, 2006
The kind of bass inside stock laptops, and cars 1960-2000.
Also in most low cost amps.
Dude, your brothers car has some terrible bass!"
by Philip George October 1, 2005