The splitting of the human penis for decorative or sexual purposes.
I had my knob bifurcated last weekend, now i am jonny twococks
by Turnipman May 23, 2005
A new term created by accountants to describe the splitting of a transaction into different types. For nonprofits this means that a revenue can both be a contribution and an exchange transaction.
Those membership dues have now been subject to bifurcation to report both a contribution and earned revenue
by Steve Hammer March 31, 2017
Chorns (special gloves used in the practice of yarndling) are often bifurcated. Bifurcated chorns have a deeper knap and often a finer degree of kedding than non-bifurcated chorns. Historians disagree on the first appearance of bifurcated chorns. Some say Kidderminster in the 1880s, others Wrexham in the 1890s. But what most experts agree on is that the bifurcation process is nowadays integral if one takes yarndling at all seriously,
Maxine showed me her bifurcated chorns yesterday, and I for one am deeply jealous of their magnificent kedding.
by Cod Michael May 22, 2020
A bifurcation is when a small change in something causes a big change in something else.

This word comes from math; specifically it refers to the solution of a differential equation taking a big change as the value of a parameter crosses a certain number.
The small increase fishing bifurcated the fish population.
by meselfs January 13, 2005
To tell Cate to buy some fur.
(Speaker hands Cate some money, then says:)
(Cate then leaves to buy some fur.)
by Tubod October 16, 2003
Two groups or branches;
Two sides
Politics is usually bifurcated into two groups: Democratic and Republican
by graciebethie August 5, 2009
Word used from the WSJ in DWF emails.

The division of issues in a trial for example the division of a page into two parts.
The new cover on the George W Bush book has been Bifurcated.
by NCAW November 18, 2010