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A bifurcation is when a small change in something causes a big change in something else.

This word comes from math; specifically it refers to the solution of a differential equation taking a big change as the value of a parameter crosses a certain number.
The small increase fishing bifurcated the fish population.
by meselfs January 12, 2005
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To tell Cate to buy some fur.
(Speaker hands Cate some money, then says:)
(Cate then leaves to buy some fur.)
by Tubod October 16, 2003
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Word used from the WSJ in DWF emails.

The division of issues in a trial for example the division of a page into two parts.
The new cover on the George W Bush book has been Bifurcated.
by NCAW November 18, 2010
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The word used when wishing there were two BK's in the world.
How I wish we could bifurcate BK. Although I'm not sure the world could handle it.
by Princess Smith November 22, 2010
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