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When yarndling, if the perice grinds against the tallen it can produce an unpleasant rasping noise. Not to be confused with the peruce, which can produce a similar noise.
Did you know your tarifold is missing its perice lozenge?
by Cod Michael June 23, 2020
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Market town near Durham, thought by some to be one of the first locations of yarndling in the north of England. Scrimming basins have been discovered from the air, dating back to Paleolithic times.
Have you seen the fascinating exhibition of yarndling stools at Barnard Castle?
by Cod Michael May 28, 2020
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Platerns have been used since the 1840s for yarndling. They range in size and complexity. The largest ones are often found adjacent to scrimming basins.
Tony would often tell me about his grandfather's antique horizontal platern.
by Cod Michael May 27, 2020
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Ancient craft carried out around the world, often using gloves called chorns. Nowadays, yarndling attracts a fair amount of attention, especially in the summer months, and it is not unusual for tourists to travel to those areas where yarndling is still performed. Since 1938, the British Isles Yarndling Association (patron: Prince Charles) has overseen all competitive threading activities.
The results of the threading competition had been posted in the East Grinstead Community Centre and Graham was pleased that his yarndling exploits had earned him second place, despite the rusty bevelling on his cotter pins.
by Cod Michael May 14, 2020
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Scrimming was once an integral part of yarndling, often performed in basins. Hence scrimming basins. These basins are now sometimes replaced with octagonal dry beds, or simply not used at all. The irregular rim of a scrimming basin can be described as having a quality pertaining to kedding. Basins were usually situated next to a threading plantin and/or a vertical knapper. Nowadays, they can be seen more easily from the air.
"Have you finished with the scrimming basin, Jack?"
by Cod Michael May 21, 2020
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Gloves used in the practice of yarndling, specifically competitive threading. Origin unknown, possibly proto-Albanian. Traditionally composed of beaver skin. Bifurcated now supersede the non-bifurcated variety, due to ease of kedding.
"Hello Jim, have you been drying your chorns this afternoon?"

"Yes, Derek, they should be ready to use when the knap's fully bronzed."
by Cod Michael May 11, 2020
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Chorns (special gloves used in the practice of yarndling) are often bifurcated. Bifurcated chorns have a deeper knap and often a finer degree of kedding than non-bifurcated chorns. Historians disagree on the first appearance of bifurcated chorns. Some say Kidderminster in the 1880s, others Wrexham in the 1890s. But what most experts agree on is that the bifurcation process is nowadays integral if one takes yarndling at all seriously,
Maxine showed me her bifurcated chorns yesterday, and I for one am deeply jealous of their magnificent kedding.
by Cod Michael May 22, 2020
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