Gloves used in the practice of yarndling, specifically competitive threading. Origin unknown, possibly proto-Albanian. Traditionally composed of beaver skin. Bifurcated now supersede the non-bifurcated variety, due to ease of kedding.
"Hello Jim, have you been drying your chorns this afternoon?"

"Yes, Derek, they should be ready to use when the knap's fully bronzed."
by Cod Michael May 11, 2020
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Something that sucks to an incredible extent that one must either Alabama hot pocket or Louisiana pipeline the opposite gender
Felix: Emma, you’re incredibly Chorns!!!
by A bleached asshole March 2, 2020
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Ukrainian-American slang term referring to annoying people with black skin. Although chorns are commonly referred to as African Americans, the word can be a derogatory term for any annoying person.
Myroslav: "Hey you wanna go hang out in Harlem tonight?"
Roman: "No! There are way too many chorns there!"
by ukr215 February 15, 2012
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Chorn usually means family at least that is what SmellyBalls thinks. Or just chorn. The word originated in the musical FireBringer. It was mostly the only word said by Chorn.
Chorn: chorn

SmellyBalls:YES I AGREE
by nomyweaknerdarms July 7, 2021
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Fucking a black chick in the ass. The use of butter as a lubricate elevates the act to Chorn on the Cob
Dude, Shatweka's ass was tearing my dick off while I was fucking her, but with a little butter it turned into some kick-ass Chorn on the Cob
by ZippyMoonbat June 4, 2010
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A food commonly mistaken for a corn dog. Unlike the corn dog, chorn dogs have two or more sticks protruding from the dog.
by Dan Doe Doo December 3, 2018
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A creepy black raven-like demon with large wings, sharp talons and a face resembling that of a Plague Doctor Mask.
This demon's biggest fear is said to be "pestilence"..

Not to be messed with.
Did you see the creepy Chicken-Chorn in Lady Gaga's video??
by Confuction November 22, 2020
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