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State in the USA.
Some cool things about Oregon:
Fir trees.
Heavenly rain that's good for you in many ways.
Fir trees.
Wood, lots of it.
Oregon marionberry.
Mt Hood, great place for snow related sports.
Fir trees.
Tillamook Creamery.
Portland: very unusually clean & friendly city.
No sales tax!!!
Fir trees.
Gasoline is graciously pumped for you, stay in the car.
Pendelton round-up (rodeo).
Excellent farm land.
Fir trees.
Crater lake.
Fir trees.
Fir trees.

Did I mention that there's lots of fir trees in Oregon?

Oregon is pronounced similar to carbon, not polygon.

Oregon suffers from a moderately poor economy, however nobody really notices it because there's so many services, and so many other cool things about Oregon that you'd never care if it did effect you, unless you're a Californian by heart.

However, I'm obligated to say that Oregon REALLY sucks, so you won't move in.
"Welcome to Heaven, I mean Oregon!" -meselfs, welcoming born again Washingtonians.

"Move to upstate New York???? YOU WON'T TAKE ME ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -meselfs, talking to parents when 9 years old.

"Hey cool, it's raining. Again." -Everyone.

Grandma: "You're soaking wet, meselfs! Take a poncho next time!"
meselfs: "You're no Oregonian. I don't know you."
by meselfs May 20, 2005

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Mathematician slang for differential equation.
Doood! Diffy-q's are suck!

Translation: I'm stupid.
by meselfs January 11, 2005

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A better way to pronounce javascript.
One of the only two things i dislike about Firefox is poor jabbascript support.
by meselfs May 20, 2005

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A bifurcation is when a small change in something causes a big change in something else.

This word comes from math; specifically it refers to the solution of a differential equation taking a big change as the value of a parameter crosses a certain number.
The small increase fishing bifurcated the fish population.
by meselfs January 12, 2005

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Inverse kinematics, used extensively in character animation.

IK is the opposite of FK, forward kinematics. In FK, you move and rotate bones in order to make movement. For an arm (eg), you rotate the shoulder, the arm, the forearm, then the hand, to maybe get your character to hold something.

In IK, you'd start with the hand using an IK target, and move up from there if necessary.
Professional animator: IK is useless. Use motion capture instead if you want to really make moneys.
Hobby animator: IK is a lifesaver!
Noob animator: IK?
by meselfs May 20, 2005

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Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile.

Similar to ICBM but with smaller range .By definition, range if the range is smaller then 4000 mi, it's an IRBM.

"Ballistic" in this case means that the missile does not depend on anything like a wing for lift (it may or may not have small fins, though.
The V2 was the first IRBM.
by meselfs January 13, 2005

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Engineer's euphemism of "Go f--- yourself".

A tensile test is where make a special specimen of whatever material you want to test, and you put it in a tensile testing machine. The machine slowly strains (elongates) the specimen and measures how the specimen responds, ie how much force it goes under. The machine makes a graph of the stress-strain behavior, where stress is force divided by the cross-section area of the specimen.

This is the very finest way to tell an engineer to get lost.
Asian guy: "meselfs, can you help me with my thermodynamics homework? I suck and I need to leech off of you."

meselfs: "Go tensile test yourself."
by meselfs May 20, 2005

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