trying to be smoothe, or impress someone.... and you fall and make yourself look like an ass..
She was jumping over the net.. and biffed it..
by kj March 01, 2005
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When someone hits something really hard, sometimes used in cricket matches when a batsman proper smashes the ball. I think it originates from the old batman show when they had fights with the bad guys. Sometimes words came up in bubble writing when someone got hit, an one of the words the used was biff.
Joe proper biffed a six before
by Tom Tench May 16, 2008
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1. to be proved wrong when previously displaying a cocky attutude of being right.
2. Generally humiliated in some pride-before-a-fall kinda way
3. to be disappointed, gutted etsech
John was well biffed yesterday cos he asked Kayleigh out and she told him to fook off.
by Ghettoling August 06, 2010
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