Abbreviation of the Gaelic word ceilidh, meaning gathering and dance.

Kayleigh's are beautiful but have very low self esteem and don't believe that they are actually gorgeous.

Kayleigh's are kind&caring&very bright.

Kayleigh's make very good and honest friendships they are so caring. If a Kayleigh calls you her friend you are extremely lucky. Don't ever take her for granted.

Kayleigh's have very distinctive eyes and are often known as their "best feature".

Kayleigh's are very sensitive and emotional individuals.
Kayleigh doesn't believe in herself
Kayleigh's are funny and beautiful

Kayleigh's are amazing friends!
by Kk00x March 1, 2015
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A beautiful girl who is pretty much perfect with a hilarious sense of humour. She is the bestest friend you could ever have! If you know a Kayleigh you are blessed.
Guy 1- WHo is that hottie?
Guy 2- Oh, that's Kayleigh she's way too good for you
by itzme January 25, 2015
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Athletic, funny, smart(maybe not common sense), honest, artistic, creative, a good friend, attractive, caring, will brighten up any day no matter what happened, great hand holding pick~up line that I liked
"That girl's name has to be kayleigh...she looks too amazing for it to be something else."
by LJae_2127 December 6, 2014
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Kayleigh's are amazing people. She has outstanding looks, and is VERY energetic! Kayleigh's tend to be the popular ones in classes, and aren't afraid to break the rules. She has incredible potential that you would never believe she is capable of. Sometime's she can be sassy, or joke roughly, but she'll never mean anything by it. She can put on a brave face, even when things are tough, but she won't usually try to get help, or EVER make a scene. If you have a Kayleigh as a friend, don't ever let her go... it would be a mistake.
Typical Kayleigh traits:
- Gorgeous
- Kind
- Thoughtful
- Confident
Girl one: "Hey, who is that?"
Girl two: "That's Kayleigh. She's super cool and nice."
Girl one: "She looks popular... not like she'll have time for someone like me..."
Girl two: "Your kidding right? Yeah she's popular, but she always has time for everyone. Kayleigh's like, the BEST person ever!"
by mrk1122 December 13, 2018
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An amazing girl with an amazing heart. Always there when you need her. The luckiest girl in the world. Addicted to Nightcore and Cream soda. Extremely beautiful. Doesn't think much of herself, but has her boyfriend to keep her happy 24/7. Usually video chats a lot. Loves long distance relationships. Livestreams a lot of the time. Always thinking of her boyfriend. Loyal in relationships. Perfect in every way. If you have a Kayleigh, always stay with her. Never leave her side. FOREVER
Kayleigh is so amazing, omg, she is awesome.
by xSYNDICATE_GAMx August 20, 2015
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The giver of pleasure and joy. The harbinger of doom. The torturer. The tortured. It depends on her mood and level of hunger.

Independently of her mental and emotional state, she is a beautiful siren, an inspirational muse and a hilarious entertainer with a formidable intellect and bewitching eyes.

You will crave her approval, respect and love. You are unlikely to receive any of them. But you will still try and will be prepared to endure an eternity of suffering for the small glimmer of hope that she will bestow her loveliness upon you.

A true life changer, you will forever be reminded of how pointless your existence was before she graced it with her wonderful presence.
I am stunned and breathless. Oh, Kayleigh is sitting on my face.
by Danish Bacon February 5, 2015
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Kayleigh’s are typically very nice and they are absolutely gorgeous in every single way possible Kayleigh’s usually are Petite they are also very shy
Jealous kid: Damn this kid is lucky to have Kayleigh in his life she’s so beautiful
Me: Kid you’re just gonna have to deal with this Kayleigh and I are dating she is my girlfriend and she is gorgeous.
by tman43 September 3, 2018
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