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Acting up, or acting out, comes from prison. Prison "b*tches" must hold the pocket of their man/leader. Acting out of pocket means they arent holding their masters pocket and are being bad.
B*tch be actin out of pocket when Tyrone aint around to make sure she keep her ass right yo. She bess be holdin Tyrones pocket when he back out of solitary.
by jmsmilin July 01, 2018

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Derivative of respect. How used: its typically used as short for disrespect or disrespectful. However, can be used as both respect and disrespect depending on the sentence and context its used in. Can be used as spect or spectin. See also bectin - another word for it just pronounced different.
Yo why you spectin ya-self right now?
by jmsmilin September 05, 2020

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A black Zombie.
What do you call a black Zombie? A Zigger.
by jmsmilin September 26, 2019

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Tired, worn out, exhausted, having a medical issue, how you feel after a fight you beat in. Can be used in sentence if you dont feel good or you are tired for example:
Yo I just got steamed! I feel mad steamed right now.
by jmsmilin September 27, 2020

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disrespecting some one or disrespecting yourself (played yourself) also can be used as "bect yourself" its a derivative of or form of spect or spect yourself, see also the definition of spect, bect is just another slang way to say it or differing type of pronunciation
yo dat nigga is bectin, he mad bectin right now

yo dont bect yaself, you bectin ya self right now
by jmsmilin September 05, 2020

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biffed (past tense of biff): farted or fart
Yo some one biffed and it stinks!
by jmsmilin September 05, 2020

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the poorest of the poor, includes hoodrats, white trash, scrubs, people from all backgrounds, all the whiners and gibesmedats, all the welfare recipients, and the ones that want free money and govt tax funded programs, people with no jobs, people living in basements, the uneducated - its a big broad category - some dumb people may also spell it as peek poor
Did you see Tyrone brag about driving his 2002 BWM, the guy doesnt even have a job, all he does is try to hustle fake DVDs at the gas station, he is peak poor.
by jmsmilin January 09, 2021

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