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He's the best boyfriend a girl could ever have. He has a sense of humor, and sarcastic most of the time.. He jokes around a lot. He's a wonderful person inside and out. Attractive, no doubt. He is very faithful and always shows his sensitive side around the girl he love. They will do anything to please them. Probably the best guy you'll ever want. Cody's are the best.
"Aw, he's so sweet to her!"

"His name must be Cody!"
by R. Smitts. July 02, 2012
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A handsome boy who has the funniest sense of humor. He will do anything to please his friends, no matter what it is. He's known to have the best hair and the most beautiful eyes. When he jokes around, his jokes are usually very raunchy, but hilarious, & he also likes to go around saying: Yeet, LMAO, & his favorite, ya boi. His sweet side is the first to show, as he is kind, caring, sensitive, yet can be a loose cannon (in a good way). He is the best friend you'd ever have, & all of the girls like him not only for his dashing looks & sense of humor, but his personality too. He's also got a nice ass that any man would want, & especially one all of the girls would go after. When he has a bae, he treats them with respect, & as if they were the only person in the world. He's the type that would fuck anyone whether homo or no homo, but isn't a pervert. Once you have him as a friend or bae, you'll never lose him, as he's loyal, but you have to treat him well also & then you might lose him. You'd never want to lose a guy like him. So if a Cody ever comes into your life, take it to the fullest, & thank your lucky stars because there's no other guy like him.
Girl #1: Who's that guy with the nice hair & ass?

Girl #2: Oh that guy? His name must be Cody. He's so funny, & always goes around saying yeet.

Girl #1: Man do I want to fuck him.

Girl #2: I know... I wish he was mine
by Anonymous fucker October 26, 2018
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A Cody is tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person.
Cody's are real badass's , but are pretty friendly at times "

Cody's are not to be fucked with.
Cody's are the best guys to date cause they like girls for something Deeper than looks a personality
Cody's are not a person to be fucked with .
by Codeman 232 December 15, 2017
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A very kind guy that will always be there for you. But he's got a lot of stuff to do, so don't be upset if he doesn't reply to your text. He is very strong, and stubborn at times, but is also kind of quiet. He may not say much in person but on the phone, the conversation will never end. He is such a gentleman and will never do anything to try and hurt you. He is the kind of guy that can keep your secrets. He always makes you smile with every word he says, and always says the sweetest, cutest things ever. If you have a Cody, don't let him go... You could never have a guy as great as Cody. You will fall in love at first sight. I know I did. And he always stands out in a crowd.
Isabella: " I like your eyes "
Cody: " thanks, but yours are so much more beautiful "

Isabella: " is something wrong. You haven't been texting me as much. "
Cody: " sorry I have just been really busy "

Girl A: " who is that, he's so cute "
Girl B : " oh, that's Cody "
by Cozyalltheway March 15, 2015
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A good ol' country boy, that almost always says, "Yes ma'am." He is loyal to his friends and family, especially his mama. A Cody won't mind hard work and isn't afraid to get dirt on his hands. He is tough and determined. He has the sweetest smile, the warmest hugs, and the biggest heart, sure to be a great lover. He will do anything to take care of his lady. While a Cody loves to joke, he won't push his humor too far on his girlfriend. He knows when something is wrong and wants to help when it is. Most girls at first don't realize how great he is and what they are missing, until he leaves the room with that lucky girl. He is always faithful and sure to subtley turn heads with his charm.
(Cody after leaving a room)
Girl1: I wish I were as lucky as her.
Girl2: Me too! Cody's are such charmers and the ultimate husband prospect.
by mickeyd2320 January 19, 2013
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Cody literally means pillow.

Cody is the most awesome guy ever who knows how to treat a girl right. He listens to you when you need a person to talk to and is always there for you.
Cody is just so amazing.
by ilegallybrunette February 04, 2010
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A boy who is very nice and sweet. Someone who will make you smile and brighten up your day. He makes you feel loved even if you aren't his girlfriend but he'll always be special to you. He can be a very good friend and may just give you second thoughts about your own boyfriend. Someone who you will cherish and love forever. Someone who loves to give hugs and gives them very well. Also, a boy who you should date. c:
Boy: Cody's an ass
Girl: You know what?Cody is amazing, and he's better than you. I'd choose him over you any day. Don't even think about talking crap on him. He's an amazing boy.
by droop a loop August 22, 2013
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