A Cody is someone who loves very deeply who may have emotional scars as well.

Cody is someone who wishes the best for his/her/their friends. They will do their best to please people.
Cody is a wonderful person. They have a bright personality even though they maybe dull at times.
A Cody would love you for a long time. Cody will do as much as possible to keep the one they love content.
Cody can be secretive of they feel like they might get hurt if they open up.
Cody is a beautiful being.
Girl: Cody is something wrong?

Someone: Cody's stuff is over there

Other: Cody will be, has been, or was.
by Wannabe Would be June 08, 2018
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A good ol' country boy, that almost always says, "Yes ma'am." He is loyal to his friends and family, especially his mama. A Cody won't mind hard work and isn't afraid to get dirt on his hands. He is tough and determined. He has the sweetest smile, the warmest hugs, and the biggest heart, sure to be a great lover. He will do anything to take care of his lady. While a Cody loves to joke, he won't push his humor too far on his girlfriend. He knows when something is wrong and wants to help when it is. Most girls at first don't realize how great he is and what they are missing, until he leaves the room with that lucky girl. He is always faithful and sure to subtley turn heads with his charm.
(Cody after leaving a room)
Girl1: I wish I were as lucky as her.
Girl2: Me too! Cody's are such charmers and the ultimate husband prospect.
by mickeyd2320 January 19, 2013
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Cody is a person who is very thoughtful , kind, and funny.He never makes you feel like you're alone.He makes you smile all the time.He makes you're darkest days bright.Thank you for being here Cody.
Do you see that person over there?
There's no doubt that's Cody.
by Heck this December 17, 2017
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Cody, he is an amazing man
Large cock ;)
Never is afraid
And will never stop complementing you
If you see a Cody, keep him, you'll never meet a man like Cody
Look! Cody-man 1
Huge cock-woman 1
Wish I was as great as him-man 1
by The_monkey/nibba April 08, 2019
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A guy who you have to love. He is so nice,kind and sweet. You don't want to lose a Cody. And they are really good kissers.
Cody is very cute.
by hellogirlll June 09, 2014
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Cody literally means pillow.

Cody is the most awesome guy ever who knows how to treat a girl right. He listens to you when you need a person to talk to and is always there for you.
Cody is just so amazing.
by ilegallybrunette February 04, 2010
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A boy who is very nice and sweet. Someone who will make you smile and brighten up your day. He makes you feel loved even if you aren't his girlfriend but he'll always be special to you. He can be a very good friend and may just give you second thoughts about your own boyfriend. Someone who you will cherish and love forever. Someone who loves to give hugs and gives them very well. Also, a boy who you should date. c:
Boy: Cody's an ass
Girl: You know what?Cody is amazing, and he's better than you. I'd choose him over you any day. Don't even think about talking crap on him. He's an amazing boy.
by droop a loop August 22, 2013
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