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To fall on your face or in an absolutely ridiculous fashion, often suffering and being badly injured in the act.
Boy runs into a tree and breaks his leg.
"Wow, that kid totally biffed it!"
by Shelista February 02, 2009
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To completely wreck a plan or goal
When you tell your girlfriend you'll pick her up for a romantic dinner and desert ( ;) )and completely forget her.
" ya biffed it bud!"
by January 03, 2015
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Accidentally(?) slapping someone's ass and freaking out whenever someone brings it up.
You smacked my ass.. shut up.

Lets NEVER TALK ABOUT THAT AGAIN! (and just for the record, YOU TURNED!!!!!!!)

so you were aiming for his.....................?

*She biffed it U_U*
by BenIsAwesomerThanEmily September 06, 2011
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To run away as fast as you can from a dangerous situation
"I was smashing my girl till her dad came in, and just biffed it out of there through the window
by Blรคh October 27, 2016
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