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A female in an R&B group that kicks out any group member that begins to get as popular as herself
Because of Beyonce, there are more ex Destiny's Child members than current members.
by BooBoohead March 04, 2006
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The act of sticking ones finger down another persons butt crack when it becomes visable, perhaps when they are bending over picking something up. In order for it to be a ligitimate Beyonce, the giver must see bare back and ass crack.
If you dont pull up your pants I am going to beyonce the shit out of you.
by bm2much June 13, 2010
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some one who sings and has a fat ass.
shake that booty and enjoy please no really enjoy
by Leigho November 23, 2004
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I hope everyone noticed that all the lovers have the same vocabulary as she does.

"u juss jealuz coz she so fiine"

She's a hypocrite, just face it. The girls that like her don't know anything about what she's done, they just know she's made songs and danced around like a sleezbag.
"Dayum, Katrina is turnin' into one of dem
by Gina April 15, 2005
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