20 definitions by BooBoohead

1)Nickname for the state of Arkansas

2)Nickname of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas
When I'm in the A-State, I just gotta go kick it in Little Rock.

A-State's football team made it to a bowl game for the first time in decades in 2005.
by BooBoohead March 05, 2006
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A female in an R&B group that kicks out any group member that begins to get as popular as herself
Because of Beyonce, there are more ex Destiny's Child members than current members.
by BooBoohead March 04, 2006
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A rap/hip hop group based out of Little Rock, Arkansas that "blew up" after the release of their hit single "Me and Mrs. Jones".
The Lil Rok Playaz is one of the best rap groups to ever come out of the South.
by BooBoohead March 09, 2006
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Nickname for the gang bangin' capital of the world, Little Rock, Arkansas
That HBO documentary showed everybody how big gang bangin' is in Little Rock.
by BooBoohead March 22, 2006
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Mane, a bunch of hoes was walkin down Geyer Springs Road and Baseline Road in the S-Dub last night.
by BooBoohead March 09, 2006
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