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A store I don't really care for, but whenever I do go in, I'm always questioned if I want a damn Target card. We are becoming the target of annoyence.
Target Staff Member #1: Hey, want a chance for a target card?
Me: No, thanks.
Target Staff Member #2: Would you like to sign up for a target card?
Me: No...
Target Staff Member #3: Would you like to apply for a targe...
by Highly Evolved March 29, 2005
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Someone who looks even scarier withought make up on.
Person that sees Avril without make up: Woah! Oh my god! What the hell is that!? CRACK KILLS! CRACK KILLS!
by Highly Evolved June 18, 2005
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A horrid singer who kids go around saying they love and that she's punk. They then start hearing she's a poseur and start saying they hate her.

Who cares whatever the hell she is, she just blows all together and her voice sounds like she's dieing...
Kid 1: Yeah, Avril is so punk! I love her!
Kid 2: Are you kidding me? She's sucks!

A day later...

Kid 1: I hate Avril she's such a poseur and she sucks!
by Highly Evolved March 29, 2005
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People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals.

Yes, some PETA members have the right idea about animal rights, but besides that, they really take things too far.

They've killed many healthy animals, complaining of not being able to find a home. Please explain why other animal shelters are capable of finding more homes for animals than PETA probably ever has. Infact, after you call PETA to have an animal taken away (for whatever the reason), chances are that the animal will be killed in their PETA van as soon as close your front door.

Many PETA members are hypocrites, even if they may or may not realize it.

Though not everything they say is a lie, they still tend to feed bullshit to the public and use scare tactics on children.
I am vegan, but PETA really gets on my nerves. They give a bad name for vegetarians and vegans.

NEDM would make PETA cool.
by Highly Evolved June 20, 2006
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An expensive, overpriced, small mp3 playing device that can store a large capacity of mp3s. I'd find them useless, seeing as I can't even think of 1/10 the amount of songs you're able to put into it.
Some Guy: Yeah, I just got another new ipod.
Me: Yeah, good luck with that...
by Highly Evolved May 25, 2005
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Something impossible to achieve because everyone has their own beliefs and thoughts.
by Highly Evolved March 29, 2005
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1. For the win/for teh win.
2. Fuck the world.
3. Fuck the what?
1. Hell yeah, Asian food FTW!

2a. Dom: Have you heard that song FTW?
Jake: By who? The Vines? Turbonegro? Tupac? Someone else?

2b. Man, this world is full of shit. FTW.

3. Dude, you hear that? My mom's having sex with the pizza delivery guy!
Marko: FTW???
by Highly Evolved June 25, 2006
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