Tom: "man, i got some new skunk"

Harry: "whats it like?"

Tom: " its the juss!"

Exampel 2:

Harry:"i just fell over in something"

Jack: "haha, its the juss"
by Tomting July 23, 2008
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the typographically easy substitution for the ever challenging word "just", used predominantly by the underachieving, self-described First Place Loser.
Texan 1986: that one juss took all ur steam
Texan 1986: u are juss depleted after that one
Texan 1986: the little engine that could...juss can't anymore
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Word that dumb bitches use becasue they're too stupid to use the letter T.
I'm juss some ssupid bisch.
by notgoodenough July 19, 2006
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how most people pronounce 'just'; the way some people type 'just'
"juss do it"
by go2sleep bia September 27, 2003
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In SA colored slang, you know the drill it means, you are crazy, just like the other two, you can either say it, Jus, of Zdus
'Uh-uh, no man, did you see what this dose just did?'
'No? What?'
'He just tried to mac my girl,'
'Uh-uh, no, he's zdus(juss) in his head,'
'I'll somma come moore him now,'
'Uh-uh, is jy versin? No man, at the back of the alley.'
'No man, he's gonna drive me biss.'
by $+@R$cReM December 7, 2009
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when the girls vagina is nasty and fishy.
by Kayla March 29, 2005
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To mismanage a situation but not out of ill will or foul spirits but more because of lack of awareness caused by inexperience & novelty of said situation resulting in cluelessness and bad decision-making.
Jüri: "Man, you really should've rented that bike when I told you so."
Justice: "I know, man. I really jussed it up there."
Jüri (playing CoD: Warzone): "I just got a super jussy victory." (sends the highlight of self-reviving himself to victory to a conversation with Justice in it)
Justice: leaves the conversation
Jung R: To juss it up or not to... This is the question.
by RockTurboman March 30, 2020
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