Gay slang
Call for sex in club's bathroom stall, often while using psychedelics.
Often used by gay guys in non gay clubs.

Origin of meaning is to glimpse into bathroom stall where one person will be waiting for another.
by GayClubber March 29, 2020
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i glimpsed her foot
by Capooodle January 18, 2017
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jojis song of him comparing his old relationship to current. basically saying that his ex was one of a kind and he will never find another like her.
bf: "hey can we break up for a few minutes, joji's song 'glimpse of us' came out"

gf: "what why?"
bf: "i jus really miss my ex."
by abortiongod7 July 22, 2022
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A name for when you see a girl briefly and think shes hot when really she isn't.
Ted: Damnnn did you see that chick? She was bangin'
Dave: Nahh dude, thats Marie, she's Glimpse Hot.
by NZBawss September 7, 2011
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The term given to describe what is seen when looking up a girl's skirt.

Often only caught sight of when sitting opposite a skirt-clad female.

Is especially good when girl in question is going commando!
"Hey man, check out that glimpse of paradise."
by Darth_Rodgers September 17, 2006
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When one farts and continues to leave the sphincter open for a matter of seconds...
After building up the strength i was able to show everyone at school a glimpse of hell from my car window.
by ethan March 7, 2005
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