Used in place of taken in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont mainly used by locals and farmers
Phil: Hey Buck is there any Heady Topper left in town (Hardwick, VT)??
Connor: Sorry Buck it's all been tooken.
by Vermont Fag October 21, 2016
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not a fucking word

my gf thinks this shits a word cuz its on urban dictionary but i literally show her its not in an actual dictionary
Use taken or took bruh. Not tooken.
by bruh12341z August 22, 2022
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alternative or ghetto form of "taken"
Dogg I got in a fight and got my shoes, coat, and hat tooken.
by Nick D February 16, 2003
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1. Ghetto form of taken.
2. Said usually by 10 year old noobs whom seem to enjoy butchering the English language when they luck out and overcome a pro.
3. Grammatically incorrect pronunciation of taken of which was mistakenly said by a classmate of mine in the sixth grade when reffering to the fact that we'd taken an English test.
a) Dawg! I just tooken ya to the rim.
b) OWnZEd!!1! i ToOkENeD uRE BAsE!11!! alL Ur BaZE AreZd b3L0nG tEh m3!!!!11!!!one!
c) I've tooken an English test.
by none4any1 January 3, 2007
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being "taken" as in "not single"
JR: ay mami can i get ya numba
Me:sorry tooken
by Sexy badd bitch July 28, 2005
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He was in the truck when it was tooken.
by Joy Schmoe December 7, 2010
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Having had been absconded with by aliens or other intelligent life forms of unknown origin (past tense).
I watched this science fiction show on TV called "Taken" in which the life stories of several persons who were tooken was profiled.
by Shmedlap D. Skookums November 17, 2003
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