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The act of sticking ones finger down another persons butt crack when it becomes visable, perhaps when they are bending over picking something up. In order for it to be a ligitimate Beyonce, the giver must see bare back and ass crack.
If you dont pull up your pants I am going to beyonce the shit out of you.
by bm2much June 13, 2010
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A female in an R&B group that kicks out any group member that begins to get as popular as herself
Because of Beyonce, there are more ex Destiny's Child members than current members.
by BooBoohead March 04, 2006
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People say that she is : talented, amazing singer(tolerable, not amazing), beautiful(simply pretty, not beautiful),and an amazing performer(they mean she has no clothes on).
Fan: Oh, beyonce can blow!!!
Realist: She can hold a tune, but get real, she isn't all that.
by Curteous November 03, 2013
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A Tool satan(Demon) uses to impact or effect the young generation today.
Beyonce is illuminuti and is useless Sinner.
by Ivory Taylor November 21, 2014
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a meek, retiring little girl whose parents, in an effort to pull her out of her shell, fashion her into a pageant queen and then a super-diva without bothering to instill in her any real world values like self-sufficience, humility, vocabulary,etc.
Watch out for your little niece Alize! She ought to be more concerned with getting her GED than being the new Pussycat Doll. She's becoming a real Beyonce!
by Naima March 12, 2004
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