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Mount St. Mary's a beautiful place to visit but to go to school here is a different story...all I am going to say is never judge someone when their parents are around. It is a major party school, well only when PS isn't busting in and confiscating all the beer for themselves. It is a place where hooking up is more then just exchanging phone numbers...where kissing when you first meet at the party leads to a midnight humping session. Here you are guaranteed to be known by the second day, your name and all your business. The Mount is a place where it becomes kool to drive from building to building blasting your radio between classes and the place to be on Friday nights is the local Pub. It is a place where they are plan things like deciding to build a 3,000 to 5,000 seat stadium ...mind you it is more seats then the amount of residents and students who stay in Emmitsburg..... Instead of building a new dorm and renovating the Terrace before it catches in fire and burns down in 2 minutes. It is a place where tuitions goes up about $5,000 every year... and what do we have to show for it.... Bocce and Disc golf... (Can somebody explain what the hell Bocce Is?) But what can I say the Mount is a beautiful campus to visit...but not to stay.
50 cent's CD is NOT the only rap CD that was ever made!
by haha April 15, 2005
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a delightfully robust person
guy: that is one hell of a nisha
other guy: true
by haha April 1, 2005
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a bunny who lives in HoManTin, Hong Kong
by haha January 13, 2005
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to beat as in hurt, to beat as in rape, and to beat as in sports and rudely and visously beating you wife in a (what started out as) a ordinary game of tennis in which you DESTORYED HER WITHOUT MERCY!!
eddie beat amy also see usuck
by haha March 19, 2005
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A disease caused by IODINE deficiency! Iodine is NOT a vitamin. It is an element found in salt and seawater. Dumbass.
by haha April 24, 2003
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Annoy person that will be single forever
Dgdhxhdbsb tyreek
by haha November 16, 2019
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a short white girl who is a shim, usually with the name of kimm
Wow that kimm girl is a foma
by haha February 24, 2005
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