Being mistreated, cheated or dealt with badly.
"I can't believe you paid so much for that TV. You're being had! I bought the same TV for half the price."

"You're being had. Your lover is married and has 2 children".
by Carlos AM February 18, 2014
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The stage where a couple becomes almost like a married couple or when a couple starts getting more serious such as cooking dinner for each other, going to sleep early, adopting pets together, etc.
It felt domestic being with her, there was no awkwardness to it.
We were being domestic, we knew each other so well and adapted to each other
by YouGoGlennCoco96 April 22, 2019
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Did you hear Gorgana use the word 'placate' today in class? That bitch needs to stop being extra.
by McTwiz September 08, 2014
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"Being inner" is when When someone demonstrates interest or opinion in someone else's business. Buisness that doesn't nor will it ever affect or be relevant to them.
Tell me what she said ? "It's none of your buisness why you being inner for?"
by TypicalTaurus93 November 27, 2016
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"being switzerland" means being neutral in an argument or a discussion. derives from switzerland being neutral in the war
Bob: who's side are you on?
Dave: neither; i'm being switzerland
by p00f4ce December 23, 2012
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To be the coolest and sexiest person to be alive
Imagine being an Ajay the coolest and sexiest person alive
by LXVELIKX October 08, 2019
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