Sort of gay, but like, not too gay to the point where its full on gay.
Bro, that's kinda gay,
by KrackerJacks October 17, 2019
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a man or woman, that likes to have sexual contact with someone of the same sex when intoxicated (either alcohol or drugs)
Neil and Bob are kinda gay when they are drunk. I caught them naked in bed this morning after the big party last night. I wonder what they did.
by colonel570 June 17, 2011
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a phrase used for your gay/straight friends that do something so terribly gay.

You need to have a lvl 100 relationship with them to be sure that you wont be offending them
friend 1: *sits on some nibba's lap*
friend 2: shit man that's kinda gay
by mynodeusp rouY June 24, 2019
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when something is sorta sus and may appear to others as romantic advancements for the same sex or when you are doing something gay while interacting with your s/o and then decide that it was actually pretty gay even though you both are gay
s/o "that was kinda gay of you"
you "we're literally dating"
by Sammy<3 December 18, 2022
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You're kinda gay, can be used for a reason or for no reason at all.
Friend 1: Hey bro, wanna go to the movies later?

Friend 2: IDK thats kinda gay bro
by Depresso-Expresso April 16, 2021
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