Not so helpful in the war; but nice chocolate.
"So what part did Switzerland play in WW2?"
"Shut up and eat your toblerone"
by George99 April 16, 2007
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Switzerland is a country in Europe, but:

Switzerland isn't Sweden!
And Swiss is not the same as Swedish!

get it?
American: "Where you from?"
Swiss tourist: "I'm from Switzerland"
American: "Oh nice, I like the Swedish girls!"
by Swiss Tourist May 18, 2007
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v.(note lower case):
the act of being neutral or non-committed on a subject, usually a controversial one.
Joe: Hey, whaddya think about those Red Sox finally winning the World Series?

Louie: Hey, I don't wanna get into it, man. I'm SWITZERLAND on this one.
by Shmouse May 22, 2005
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#1 for gettin money, banks, watches, weapons, chocolate and weed!!!

At the center of Europe,Switzerland is one of the most multiracial country. We speak 4 main languages: French, German, Italian, Romansh and of course English.
My watch is arrivin right from Switzerland...

Ooh man!In switzerland we got the biggest market of weed..let me get this fuckin white widow...
by elrafa January 12, 2005
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switzerland is a small country in the middle of europe. It's a neutral country. It's famous for its beautiful mountains called the alps. or the good cheese & chocolate. In switzerland four languages are spoken, the most spoken language is swissgerman. It's a small, cute & beautiful country.
switzerland is a small country in europe
by ProudSwissGirl June 20, 2014
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beastly nation also known 4 their xenophobia! the home of the scorpions! and if u dont like the scorpions i'll kick ur butt here and now!
by Vash the Sexy Man November 27, 2010
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