20 definitions by GrilledGoat

If you were really productive, you would not be searching the definition of the word in urban dictionary
by GrilledGoat May 7, 2021
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Mincraft: Not like the other Minecrafts
by GrilledGoat April 26, 2021
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To interact with a human being
A: Hi, I'm having human interactions

B: Good for you
by GrilledGoat May 3, 2021
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The best place to express your totally non-controversial opinions without the threat of anyone harrassing you, sending you death threats, or doxxing you just because you said their idol is trash.
Twitter: where dreams don't come true, but your favourite idol supposrting MAP rights does
by GrilledGoat April 27, 2022
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Weird humanoid creatures that roam around making unfunny sex jokes. Legends say they live inside their parent's basement and haven't come out ever since they graduated highschool.
Urban Dictionary Users scare me, even if I am one myself
by GrilledGoat September 13, 2021
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Probably not the friendliest way to greet someone but okay.
Person1: Hi!
Person2: I feel like murdering you
by GrilledGoat March 23, 2021
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