Handled the hard way, which involves:

1. going down
2. losing
3. getting hurt
4. getting severely hurt
5. getting killed/murdered
Dude better give me my money before he get dealt with.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant September 10, 2006
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Getting seriously and utterly defeated in something you think you're good at, but you're not.
Calling someone a hacker because they shot you through a wall in CounterStrike. He's not hacking, you just got dealt.
by Balkoth November 30, 2004
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This is a catch phrase indicating domination or losing an endeavor...This is not polite but in fact sarcastic and insulting
Bryan: Our landlord sent us a 240$ bill for noise ordinances and damaged property.

Jarrod: Dealt with
by Randoni November 8, 2008
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A word of geordie origin. Has a variety of meanings, these include,

To be happy with proceedings (I have dealt)

To be especially pleased with something (proper dealt)

A random word to say during awkward moments of silence (dealt!)

To ask someone if they are well (are you deeeealt?)

An offensive put-down (Are ya dealt being a cunt?)

Again as with most 'lads phrases', the word can be pronounced in a high or low pitched manner.

Certain followers of a lower league team choose to use the similar sounding word 'delph' refering to an over-rated youngster, who most propably won't be playing for them next season.

Similar to the word, ussss.
woody: proper dealt like.

Yeppell: o'neills have a half price sale on shorts, dealt!

Kendy: When I nicked her bag and took it to the toilets, i found 100 euros, dealt!
by Beester May 15, 2009
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To be helplessly given an appreciable amount of bad luck or unfortunate events.

Originating from playing online Black Jack, The Dealer is the anonymous opponent of the human player of the game. The Dealer will always deal the player bad cards so that the player cannot win the game. This characteristic of being dealt unrelenting misfortune by The Dealer was expanded to encompass and explain all unfortunate occurrences that befall an individual in their everyday life. Any bad luck or accidents you may experience happen not by chance, they are maliciously dealt to you by The Dealer.
"I can't believe I came in 9th on Rainbow Road! I was in first place the whole time, until I got dealt on the last lap with 2 blue shells, 2 red shells and a lightning!"

"My girlfriend dumped me, I wrecked my car, and then I failed my exam... I got dealt so bad today."

"That's SEVEN gun-less deaths in a row, I am being dealt!"
by The Suspect March 3, 2009
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1) When a person is beat up at the discretion of the person they pissed off.
1) PeWe: Yo did deuce beat up greg?
Fat Mike: Hell naw worst soon as deuce saw Greg... Greg got DEALT WITH!
PeWe: Damn like that?
Fat Mike: Yeah quick knockout and Timbs to the face.
by Galehart Popwell December 24, 2020
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Dealt a bad hand in life. Unlucky. Originating from the famous late British television comedian Jeremy Beadle who was born with a small, deformed hand.
Jeez mate, this just aint right. I got ADHD, bipolar and a personality disorder. I've been dealt a beadle.
by Loopydave May 2, 2018
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