A highly superior being who created the entire universe billions of years ago. He is also the lead guitarist for The Rolling Stones. Keith Richards did pretty much every drug ever created and is still alive, therefor he is immortal. He is one of 3 immortals in the world. Cher and Ozzy Osbourne are immortal as well and accompanied Keith Richards while creating the universe.
Keith Richards, that guy that doesn't die.
by Tentacle Lovins' August 4, 2019
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The only man to make ozzy look amish.

Guitarist for The Rolling Stones.

The answer to any bioterrorism or disease out there.
Robin Williams: I do believe there's a cure... for whatever bioterrorism is out there, and it lies within Keith Richards.
by metalhead777 February 23, 2010
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Greatest Musician to ever live & grace the souls of millions of humans. Misunderstood by prunes & people lacking class & libido all over the world.
'Who wrote that God given soulful rock n' roll music?'

'Keith Richards did'.
by Astorre May 5, 2013
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The man whom Mick Jagger wants as a sexdoll.In other,Mick's crush.
Read Keith Richards,Marianne Faithfull's Biographies....
by Aww October 30, 2006
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keith richards plays guitar for the rolling stones. he enjoys cigarettes, booze, drugs, some more booze, women, drugs... he is very old and wrinkly, though *some* people still find him sexy. his age is estimated to be anywhere between 60 and 4 billion years. his teeth probably aren't real, and i would be very surprised if the veins in his arms (or the rest of his body for that matter) still exist. in fact, i believe he may be some sort of android or zombie. often fond of irregular headbands, which are no doubt used to anchor his flesh to his head so that his face doesn't slide off. his whereabouts are constantly changing, though it can be assumed that wherever he is, he is expiring.
keith richards cannot be killed by conventional methods.

what's that foul odor? oh, it's just keith richards.

...and on the third moon of every month, six virgins must be sacrificed in the woods in order to keep keith richards alive.
by sarin July 12, 2004
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Keith Richards was born in England in the same town as Mick Jagger (Dartford, Kent) in 1943, and coincidentally they are both part of the same band. (Guess which one.) He plays guitar, writes songs (Satisfaction, Wild Horses, &c.) and sometimes sings. Idolized by many, and serves as a joke to many more. Has probably had more drugs than you and all your friends put together. And is still alive. Syn: Leatherface, the human chemical lab, Keef.
My friends will never understand but I admire Keith Richards and think he's sexy, wrinkles and all.
by Erin Richards July 12, 2004
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full-time walking corpse and part-time guitarist of the rolling stones
guy: mr. richards, that will be $800 for the whiskey, coke, and hooker.

keith richards: you take credit?
by clevelandsteamer August 13, 2005
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