An amazing NJ-based rock cover band that gets everybody laid. Every night they play. Period.
I can't believe it. I finally got laid after this long dry spell. Thank you Beer Goggles!
by BeerGogglesNJ April 10, 2010
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Typically occurring after the event, where due to earlier inebriation, an individual realises that their partner is not as attractive as they thought they were last night.
You must have had your beer goggles on when you met him / her!
by george9601 November 21, 2011
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What you are looking through after you have put away a case of beer.
After a night of drinking I had trouble keyboarding because I had my Beer Googles on.
by Flagger McCord December 03, 2004
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a physically unattractrive woman who looks good to heavily drunk men as a result of the men's pounding.
Victoria's Secret has done miracles, helping marry off some two bag women and beer goggle bait.
by Chris Norton January 08, 2007
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When an attractive woman seduces an intoxicated male and sleeps with him. Early the next morning the woman will have her very unattractive friend take her place in bed, and wait until the man wakes up. He will then look over at who he thought was a smokin hotty and then start freaking out
Jen: "Hey, Kate, how was your Friday night?"

Kate: "Pretty good, I hooked up with some guy, then the next morning Denise took my place and gave him quite a scare."

Jen: "ahh the old Beer Goggles Prank, eh?"
by ZCDMJPIC June 16, 2010
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------=(o o)=
-------@ < @
--------( U )
---------| |
-----//(Q Q)\\
-----\\-) . (-//
-------( -Y-)
-------/ / \ \
-------|| - ||
-------|| - ||
-------( )-( )----
--------"" ""

A "beer goggles bitch" is an ugly woman you pick up at the bar at 2:30 AM when you are totally plastered. When you wake up, you can't believe what your eyes are showing you that you dragged home!
by Mike Bozdog June 19, 2006
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A condition where the drinker thinks they are better looking instead of the people they are viewing.
This ugly chick kept hitting on me like she was all that, she totally had reverse beer goggles on.
by Whysohigh November 15, 2011
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