The Shame is a hard animal to classify. While many of its features resembly roughly those of a human, its intelligence is approximately that of a dog. For this reason, scientists have decided to classify it as a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes). The Shame has large callouses on its hands because of its constant use of its calculator. It will attend Miami University assuming the school doesn't discover its debated status. It aspires to one day be its sister.
Dude...Fucking The Shame just used its calculator to figure out 10+2...Fucking The Shame
by A Phimp Son October 11, 2006
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(Proper Noun)
An unimaginable terrifying creature that conceived itself many years ago. Its story is both shocking and paradoxical.
As a crackwhore with nine children, a twenty-nine-year-old The Shame stumbled upon a new Pentagon project--how it got in is a story of its own. The 'project' was an experimental time machine, created using the theory of relativity's laws. Chanting,in its 'Cartman'/ghetto/high-pitched The-Shame voice, "HAY WORK WORK WORK", The Shame got into the machine and pressed random buttons. It was instantly transfered to 1989, where, to make a long story short, it married a Mexican man (Pepe) and had two children during an affair with a Polish man. Thus, The Shame BECAME The Shother and conceived itself!
The shame is also responsible for many other things, such as flawing the Matrix, destroying shuttle Discovery, and making hobbits so small.
Some random person: Dude, god damnit, The Shame is trying to do math again. Fucking The Shame...
The Shame: "hahahah WORK WORK WORK!! Eyem SEW CULE!! ahhaha"
*presses its calculator with its face*
Some other random person: ...Fucking The Shame..
by Mr. Underwood December 17, 2006
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shame shame shame is what you say when are disappointed or mad at someone for something they did but in a kidding way. You
can also use the phrase 'shame on you' in school other than, 'f*** you'
Shame on you Thomas for stealing Sofia from us, shame shame shame.
by Omgisthatheeerrrrr December 9, 2016
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used to express great discontent, dissatisfaction, disappointment, often in a funny way; usually used after someone (including oneself) has done something wrong, committed a party foul, or said something not cool (either stupid or politically incorrect)

the "a" in shame is usually stretched out, making it sound like "for shaaame"
Person A: Sign me in!
Person B: Okay, hold up.
*Person A looks at the sign in sheet*
Person A: Hey, you spelled my name wrong! For shame!!
by argonion November 22, 2006
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(v.) the act of bringing embarassment to a drunk individual. The individual is usually sober, but if drunk enough, shaming can occur while the subject is awake. All shamings should be recorded in some form, either through pictures or movies. Shamings usually occur because the individual passed out first or passed out with their shoes on.

Shaming can be a number of things: piling random objects on a person jenga-style, writing on them with permanent ink, shaving or cutting the individual's hair into embarassing styles (ex: a mullet), or any other creative way to bring embarassment upon the intoxicated party without their knowledge.

Sometimes referred to as the individual being "owned".
The freshman was so drunk that he passed out first AND with his shoes on, that we shamed him by duct-taping him to the couch, piling food on him, and drawing obscene things on his face.
by Big Mike March 25, 2005
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Used to express superficial and sarcastic sympathy for somebody's misfortune when said in a very nonchalant tone. Made famous by Jerry Seinfeld.
Friend: "I really want that suit but I can't afford it"

You: "That's a shame"
by Earl Barrett July 8, 2009
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someone who could care less about the world & how they talk about things ETC.
"the girl has absolutely no shame in her life at all!"
by lil ingie May 1, 2006
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