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"Gilligan's Isle" was the gayest TV show ever. Skipper and Gilligan were lovers. Skipper was the butch and Gilligan was the bitch. Why else would Gilligan be Skipper's "little buddy?"

The Professor was gay, too! Marianne and Ginger were looking for love and the Professor was the only "eligible" man on the island. Mr. Howell was married (and kind of creepy anyway, and Skipper and Gilligan were butt buddies. If Professor was straight, he would have made himself the "meat" in a "Marian and Ginger Love Sandwich!"
"Hey, Little Buddy! I'm feeling kinda lonely. How 'bout bending over to pick up my soap!"

"Oh, Skipper!"
by Silky Smooth November 5, 2003
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In its broadest sense, sexual harrassment is the creation of a hostile environment via sexual comments and/or innuendo, sexually explicit language, sexual or crude humor, unwanted sexual advances, or the use of a position of power to obtain sexual favors.
In its narrowest sense, sexual harrasment is the use of a position of power to obtain sexual favors; for example, "Sleep with me or you're fired."
by Silky Smooth November 20, 2003
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A building in Turkey used as a public bath. It's a combination of the Roman and Islamic bathing traditions that originated in the European Middle Ages. Both men and women may use the public baths, though not as mixed company.
Contrary to what most Americans believe, a true turkish bath is not a gay male hangout.
by Silky Smooth November 19, 2003
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A "pimpmobile" is a modified Cadillac from the late-70's or early-80's. It usually has a hyrdraulic system to make it bounce. All "pimpmobiles" have expensive sound systems. "Pimpmobiles" are painted loud colors, like gold, green (the color of money), or purple (the color of a king's robe).
Yeah, baby, I know you wanna ride in my pimpmobile. Let me pop some Marvin Gaye in my CD player!
by Silky Smooth November 18, 2003
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/noun/ slang term for the medicated ointment used in treating hemorrhoids; called so because it is applied to the anal orifice
Where did I put my ass cream? My hemorrhoids are killing me!
by Silky Smooth November 14, 2003
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a heterosexual three-way sex session, involving either two men and one woman or two women and one man; as opposed to a "choo-choo' (which involves three gay men or three lesbians)
Last night I got sandwich action with Gina and Maria!
by Silky Smooth January 7, 2004
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