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someone whose ethnicity and/or race is so mixed one cannot determine his/her ethnic or racial background is through visual observation
My father is half-black and half-Italian and my mother is half-Chinese and half-Cherokee.
by Silky Smooth February 10, 2004
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When two women fight HARDCORE style, usually resulting in someone being bloddied and incapacitated
by Silky Smooth October 23, 2003
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a metaphor used to describe something that is both highly conspicuous and embarrassing; a church service is supposed to be both quiet and solemn and any fart in church would be conspicuous and embarrassing
Jenkins, that oral report was as embarrassing as a far in church!
by Silky Smooth December 18, 2003
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"Fatal Attraction" is a movie about a married man who has an adulterous one-night stand. Then the woman he slept with stalks him and terrorizes his family.
That bitch is crazy! She's liable to go "Fatal Attraction" on your ass.
by Silky Smooth February 16, 2004
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an obscene performance in which a woman copulates with a literal jackass
by Silky Smooth October 30, 2003
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1) an ice hockey player whose sole purpose is bodycheck, intimidate, and pick fights with opposing player
2) someone who intimidates and/or roughs up others for money
1) That number 12 on the other team is a goon! He spent more time in the penalty box than any other player!
2) What! Jones' Appliance Store won't pay protection money? Have a couple goons give Jones a godd "talking-to," if you know what I mean.
by Silky Smooth January 7, 2004
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a "butt release"

rubbing your dick in her ass crack until you cum
Yo mama gave me a greay pierre last night!
by Silky Smooth April 13, 2004
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