Short-form pronounciation of blowjob, for those people who are too lazy to pronounce it's abbreviated form "BJ".
Monica gave Bill a beej in the White House.
by doodievomit December 11, 2002
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The preferred nomenclature for a blowjob. Consists of constant milking and gentle fondling of the "petershaft" itself, usually ending in ejaculation, the beej is synonymous with kryptonite in terms of superman's weakness.... but is effective for all males. (Except queers.. I’d rather not have their input on the pleasures of a beej)
"that dump gave me a nasty beej yesterday"

"i love getting road beej'd"

"give me a beej"
by slawberg June 3, 2009
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noun: the excess skin that is left over when a person undergoes rapid weight loss
look at my beej...i can wrap it all the way around my body
by the hotastic one January 20, 2004
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a person; usually a male who is strikingly handsome with a beard and otten slightly balding. most "beej's" are quite athletic, artistic, funny, and sometimes promiscuous. they may be found in all parts of the world but have been known to originate from california, USA.
"peace to beej and dem" - J-Dilla

"everywhere around the world, if you have a beard, you're a beej-man." - Big Chuck.
by the original beejman August 10, 2009
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nickname of the god of teen angst: wordBanjodark/word
"hey beej what's up"
by :whoa: March 16, 2003
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