1) Another word for bitch
2) Jammy Bastard
3) Some Next man
1) That Beej came up to me and i was like what!?
2) OH my god u little BéEJeátóR
3) Wasup béejes?
by PBORO CRU January 24, 2004
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Almost any fatass with little to no hair. Beejes can be characterized by a slight dent in the top of their head, or if they appear on a local sex offender registry in the Ohio River Valley.
"Oh Beej."
"Fucking fatass Beej..."
"Beej, don't touch my daughter like that!"
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The character Beetlejuice that is from the broadway musical. This Particular Beej is a sweet little demon boi who just wants a friend but everyone keeps leaving him, His mother Juno chose the booze, and Lydia his underage bride killed him right after bringing him alive. He is Played by the wonderful Alex Brightman who most members of the fandom would do anything to meet him and give Beej a hug.
Lydia: Hey Beej!
Beej: Lydia?
Lydia: What's wrong sugar lumps? Thought I wouldn't come back?
Beej: Well you literally jumped into hell to get away from me.
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by _look_at_this_crib_ October 29, 2019
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Omg! Look at that dad! He’s such a beej.
by Hskab November 12, 2020
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