-noun weyt-los
Peeing, pooping and sweating more than you eat.

Origin: 2006; weight+ -loss
"I only had a salad for dinner, and I just dropped a one pound brown out my crown. Wow, that means weight loss."
by wally_moot October 6, 2006
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It can always been done!
Weight Loss: Because there is no fat people in concentration camps!
by nd666 November 8, 2009
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Any of several surgical procedures designed to produce substantial weight reduction in obese patients refractory to conventional measures.
Current options for weight loss surgery include the following:

1. Gastric bypass, in which the esophagus is essentially connected directly to the small intestine. This reduces caloric intake at the expense of considerable potential adverse effects.
2.Gastric banding, also referrred to as bariatric surgery, compresses the stomach by means of an external mechanical device. Appetite and capacity are reduced resulting in gradual weight loss.
3.Above-knee amputation produces weight reduction in a biphasic pattern. The immediate post-operative drop is supplemented by a long-term increase in caloric expenditure derived from hopping.
by Pbaddy September 7, 2009
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A weight loss center..that sucks. I went on LA weight loss and only lost 20 pounds out of a desired 70. They suck..if you want to lose weight go to weight watchers
Dude..LA weight loss blows. It only works for the first month. You have to be perfect to lose all your desired weight...and no one can do that.
by Maybelline September 26, 2005
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euphemism for using the toilet, especially "sitting down."
Boss: "Dave, where'd you go after you punched in?"

Dave: "Sorry, boss, I had to stop by the Rapid Weight Loss Center."
by Deester May 24, 2007
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