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When teenagers, for any number of reasons combined with their hormones and stress from school, get depressed. Contrary to popular beleif, some teenagers actually do have it rough and have to deal with shit most adults don't have to. Other teens don't and just like to pretend they do. Either way, everyone has a right to be pissed off
Teen who actually has it tough and has teen angst as a result:

"I am really depressed man my parent died and nobody is helping"

Teen (usually a popular kid) who likes to think they have it rough due to teen angst:

"Man, nobody gets me I hate my parents bla...bla...bla..."
by J.D. Caulfield March 05, 2008
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Teenagers who either make up their own drama inside of their head, or actually go through tough times, resulting in:

1: "Nobody understands me..."

2: "What's the point in life? F*ck it, I'm just going to do whatever the hell I want..."

3: "Everything sucks"

Or, in extreme cases:

4: "I'm not going to grow up. I'm going to keep listening to my music and living in my self-created darkness and twisted dreams because the real world is a steaming pile of bullsh!t."
5: "Because I don't give a f*ck, I'm going to live MY life the way I f*cking want to, and not give a damn about anything else but being free, wild, and having fun, and there's no way in HELL that anyone's going to stop me from making those choices, no matter the outcome. I will be free."
"I'm going to be free from all of this bull, and live out my dark and crazy dreams without anyone to stop me from living the way I want to." ....Honey, that's called teen angst.
by TeenAngstandLana February 27, 2018
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You can be angsty at any age. Middle age angst, teen angst, what ever you want.
I am full of teen angst even though I am an adult.
by TotalAwesomeness October 24, 2005
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Bullshit term coined by those who don't know the effects and feelings brought on by depression. While there ARE those who don't know the full effects and are, in fact, just whiny, the term teen angst is highly offensive to those who are in fact depressed, clinically or not, and the dumbasses who apply the term to general teen culture ought to spend one week in the shoes of those who they criticize.
1: Blogs are for whiners. It's just teen angst.
2: And guess what! Nobody cares what you think, jackass.
by KiwiKittyBoy July 11, 2004
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Recent cultural phenomenon where young people (typically ages 13-18) think that they have it tough, that they have rights, and that their opinion actually means something, and that they can do whatever the hell they want.

Such uncouth behavior undoubtedly arises from lack of parental guidance. Or because the kid in question is just plain stupid. Normal kids from good families don't have a rebellious, angsty stage.
"This Linkin Park album is so deep."
"I can do whatever I want!"
"I want my freedom!"
"I'm killing myself!"
"You can't control me!"
"I'm like, so totally depressed and stuff."
"It's just a little pot!"
by PiccoloNamek September 01, 2004
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When teens for one reason or another think they have it hard. They often bitch and whine about stupid piddley ass shit and say they will kill themselves over the same piddley ass bullshit.
"I had to take out the garbage tonight...I'm going to kill myself."

"Mommy made me wash the dishes so I'm going to kill myself."

"I had to do homework tonight...I have it so hard."
by IceWarm July 24, 2004
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