slang for a blowjob.
When Dave wants a beeje he just calls on his girl Reagan.
by 123456789 December 05, 2003
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Short-form pronounciation of blowjob, for those people who are too lazy to pronounce it's abbreviated form "BJ".
Monica gave Bill a beej in the White House.
by doodievomit December 11, 2002
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A sexual fetish. One person (the beejer) finds another person and murders them. After letting the body marinate for about 2 days, the eyeballs are harvested as well as most of the victim's body hair. This hair is then woven through the optic nerve of both eyeballs, creating a string of anal beads. These are then inserted into the beejer's butthole.
"Do you want to go beejing?"
"I did a beej last night. The eyballs were especially squishy."
by beejpioneer May 18, 2015
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Beejed Be-ja-ed (past tense) Also known as beej or blow job.

The act of oral sex or fellatio upon a males genitalia and or penis.

noun: An act of fellatio.
verb tr: To fellate.
verb intr: To perform a beejer.
adjective: Pertaining to, suggestive of, or conducive to a blowjob.
interj: Used to raise the topic of, or call attention to, a beej.
(Order of examples matches that of parts of speech)

"Dude! last night, I totally got beejed by that shamelessly hussy-like appointment coordinator we used to employ here".

While changing in the locker room after practice one day, two girls from the cheerleading squad came in and unexpectedly beejed him.

"That girl beejed really well" said the man watching a pornographic film by himself.

After five minutes of awkward silence in their conversation, he blurted out "beejed!", receiving one shortly there after.
by NWSully March 10, 2015
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