Charles: (wakes up with symmetrical hickies on his neck from a night out)
Dave: bbc.

Charles: I didn't make out with her, she attacked my face with her mouth.
Dave: bbc.

Dave: why did she stop talking to you?
Charles: because I slept with her friend.
Dave: I don't follow
Charles: neither do I, bbc
by davez0rpance January 31, 2011
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Bad Bitch(es) Crew - A group of friends/girls that are all good looking or hot by any means. Everyone wants to be around or associated with them and they always get invited or escorted to tables in clubs with no questions asked.
Look at that BBC over there getting all the attention from everyone here. Let's go try and join them!
by hblady January 09, 2015
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British Broadcasting Corporation. A non-profit making, publically funded TV corporation in the UK. Is run according to public service guidelines. Known for its quality sports, documentary and news coverage. Considered by many to be overly liberal and have a pro-Arab, anti-US/Israel slant in its news reporting.
Apart from the lousy BBC World, the BBC is the world's foremost broadcaster of quality TV/Radio.
by Travelled June 01, 2004
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“i love bbc!” “big black cocks?” “yes, or big black cows if you’re into that”
by big black cows August 01, 2018
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