Like business, only smooother.
Me: Hey baby, let's get down to buisness if you nahmsain.
Ladyfriend: I like the way you smooth talk a girl!
Me: Let's get it on.
by smallypants April 14, 2009
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1. (noun) The worst form of a hard time.
1. I can't stand that bully. He is always giving kids the buisness.

2. Drew: that was a terrible throw.
Steve: Shut up of I'll give you the buisness.
by Steve... April 19, 2006
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also: business, bwiznis

questionable financial practice engaged in by the dun, often resulting in massive job cuts and/or multiple stockbroker suicides.
charles: fuckin hell, dun! how the fuck did you singlehandedly bankrupt the IMF?!

the dun: gosh... sorry charles.
by bombis January 13, 2004
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A situation or person place or thing (good or bad)
Last night's party was the buisness OR these tacos ain't the buisness
by mrziploc January 6, 2010
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or can be said as raw biz
Where something or someone is cool or tight or being good at something
"Timmy is raw business"

"That Escalade is raw buisness"

"That kid is raw buisness in soccer"
by StreicherJ February 22, 2006
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its a way of life with or without ectasy; own form of ectasy in music
quote from Suede and Bublicious " Thizzness is Buisness yahhh trick yahh!!!"
by Suede and Bublicious May 10, 2008
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1.) A specific time for the act of mating.
(aka: sexual intercourse, doing the nasty, the horizontal tango, and/or generally having hot sex.)

"It's Wednesday, and do you know what that means?"
"Buisness time."
by Mosstache March 9, 2008
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