1. Big black cock
2. Loona's (south korean girl group) agency
3. British Broadcasting Corporation
1. Ugh I'm so into bbcs, they fill me up so good.
2. BBC should do a better job at promoting the 12 girls!
3. BBC news is extremely boring
by f4irtr4de April 16, 2020
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Originally from a TV movie called "Billionaire Boys Club" adapted by a group of three young men in Vineland, New Jersey as a moniker for their small group friends.
In this case, BBC means "Bond Boys Club". The reason the original members of the BBC used the association with Bond is: James Bond is the ultimate at getting out of trouble, just like the members of the BBC.
Original members include:
William C. O'Neill
Rob Evans
Farrukh Kazmi

Additional Sub-members included:
Bradford P. Stadler
Isaac Kaitz

Those who thought they were BBC but never were:
Lou Marandino
"What's BBC mean? If I told you, I'd have to kill you."
by BBC POSSE March 31, 2005
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Kelly (town hoe), " OOO damn Lisa I want me a bbc."
Lisa, " Kelly you always want bbc."
by ImaAnonymousPseudonym September 08, 2020
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wow that's massive do you have insurance, I can't take a bbc.
by quickdubz October 06, 2020
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